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Special Value Discount:
TheStarHill store credits. (1 store credit = $ 1 USD)
For every $ 30 spend you will get +1 store credits.
$ 60 get + 2 store credits
$ 90 get +3 store credits
$120 get +4 store credits
$150 get +13 store credits (Amazing Deal !!!!!!!!!)

The store credits will not expire and can keep it your next purchase.

What is your reward while purchase at TheStarHill?
We value every customers who shop in our portal so we giving TheStarHill store credit rewards for every purchase you made in a month total up to the minimum spend limit for the claim of Value Back Discount.

What is TheStarHill Value Back Discount?
TheStarHill Value Back Discount is used to make redemption of any item you purchase at our portal. 1 store credit is equivalent to $1. For example, by using 1 store credit you will get a $ 1.00 off when you checkout.

How to get TheStarHill Value Back Discount?
For every $ 30.00 spend, you will get a rewards of 1 TheStarHill store credit. If you spend more than $150 in a month, you will get additional of 8 TheStarHill store credit and every $ 100 subsequent expenses will get extra 4 TheStarHill store Credit. The additional store credits will only be calculated at the end of the month and rewarded before the 10th of the following month.

Example 1: Purchase of $ 45, 1 store credit. (Only will get 1 store credit, to get 2 store credits must spend over $60.)
Example 2: Purchase of $ 95, 3 store credits
Example 3: Purchase $150 at the same month, 5 store credit + 8 additional store credit, total is 13 store credits.
Example 4: Purchase $ 250, 8 store credits + 12 store credits, total 20 store credits. (8 store credit from every purchase of $ 30 and 12 store credits from purcahse of 250 at the same month, first $150, 8 store credit, subsequent $100, 4 store credit)

When can you use the TheStarHill store credit?
Anytime when you would like to do your payment.

TheStarHill credit can be used with any item at TheStarHill shopping mall?

What is the paying method & why need to wait confirmation?
After you have done the checkout, our staffs will confirm whether we have stocks for your order and contact you through email shortly with the payment method you prefer. For every order we not using any direct payment gateway API to make sure there is no mishandling of product which we out of stock. If we use direct payment gateway API and when we do refund, the money is keep in the payment gateway and not direct back to the buyer credit cards without a fee.

We wish you have a nice day and happy shopping.
If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us. We always appreciate constructive feedback to keep us improve & serve you better.